Say Yes To Your Potential (Ebook)

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Enjoy this brand new format for this timeless book. This version of "Say Yes" will be one of the easiest to own and share with others. By going digital with our content, we are able to save tons on production costs and give you all the benefits! At only $2.99, this is the most affordable version to take with you on the go. If you are like most people, you are only using about 10 percent of your God-given potential; the other 90 percent falls onto the category of "might have been." In this book, businessman and motivational speaker Skip Ross shares the formula he has discovered for turning that used potential into a dynamic, exciting quality of life. Not just another book on positive thinking, this is solid, practical help forged from real-life experience. And hundreds of thousands who have attended Skip Ross's seminars testify: his ideas work!